Our Vision

To support autistic children with empirical research and technology

Our Enthusiasm

Our professional assessments and robotics (RABI®) courses improve the social and emotional problems of children with autism. It also uses innovative technologies to assist them.

Our Contribution

RABI is developed based on the theory of special needs of autistic patients. Through social robots, RABI courses reduce the severity of autistic people from 3 to 18 years old and increase the social and behavioral functions of autistic people. So far, more than 20 local and Macau non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and (mainstream/special) schools have adopted RABI and benefited from it. Their positive comments included "greatly improved students' verbal and non-verbal communication" and "application of acquired skills to students' daily lives." The government has also identified the RABI course as an innovative and successful autism support method. Since 2015, RABI has provided 950 people with autism aged 3 to 18 in Hong Kong and Macau with a large number of social and behavioral skills training, including self-care, social dialogue and vocational skills.