Professor Catherine So began studying the social robot project in 2015 and began providing related services to children with autism in the same year. In 2019, Professor So set up Science and Technology for Autism Remediation (STAR) Limited to further expand its services to the community in the form of a social enterprise.


Professor Catherine So

Professor Catherine So

BSSc in Psychology (CUHK),PhD in Psychology (University of Chicago)

I'm a developmental psychologist who specializes in the verbal and nonverbal development of typically and atypically developing children. My team and I established the RABI course, the first robotics-based course in Hong Kong. I have served children with autism in Hong Kong for six years.

項目主任 - Tina So

Tina So

Project Manger

Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Management)

Hello, I am Tina. It is because of my family background, I really understand the difficulties and challenges ASD kids and their parents may encounter academically and, also, in the society. Therefore, I would like to work together with them here.


Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Special Needs)

Hi, this is Eric. I have accumulated ten years of experiences working with children of different needs as a kindergarten and a special child care educator. Looking forward to bringing new learning stimulations to my students!

Samson Lam


MEd (CUHK), PhD in progress

I'm Sam-gor-gor, and I enjoy getting along with children. I have more than five years of teaching experience with children with special needs. I am currently doing a PhD at the Department of Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and I am committed to research on children with autism.

RABI 課程導師 - Amy Chan

Amy Chan


Bachelor of Psychology (University of Alberta), Master of Educational Psychology (University of Bristol)

I'm Amy, and I have two years of experience with students with special education needs. I believe that every child has their unique gifts and talents. I hope to provide services for children with autism and grow up with them.

Chloe Kwok


HKBU Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education, Professional Diploma in Special Child Care Work

Hello, I'm Chloe. Over the past 3 years, I have been a kindergarten teacher and I'm in touch with children with diverse needs. By understanding the needs and difficulties of special children in mainstream schools, I hope to help more children with special needs to overcome limitations and difficulties, and help them develop their potential.


Melody Lee


BSSc Psychology (HKBU)

I’m Melody. I have 1.5 years of teaching experience handling students with special education needs. Whether in learning abilities or social skills, I believe that each student has unique ways to improve. I hope to grow alongside students with special education.

RABI導師 Mandy姐姐

Mandy Huen


Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Special Needs) (EduHK), Professional Diploma in Special Child Care and Inclusive Education (Lingnan Life), Qualified Kindergarten Teacher, Child Care Supervisors, Child Care Workers

Hello, I’m Mandy. I have been a kindergarten teacher. Over the past few years, I’m in touch with students with diverse learning needs. I understand that they face many different challenges and difficulties in society. I believe that every child has their own talents, I hope to provide services to help them learn and grow up.




Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Early Childhood Education), Diploma in Special Child Care Work

My name is Angel. Every child has unique gifts and talents. I believe that through patient, caring, and professional guidance they can reach their optimal potential. I look forward to providing suitable services and support for children, accompanying them as they adapt to society while maintaining their unique selves.


Zoe Tang


BSSc Psychology (CUHK)

Hi I'm Zoe je je. Since I was small, I have grown up with different children with special educational needs. I enjoy getting along with them and I really appreciate their pure and genuine heart. I hope to accompany them in facing the dilemma of adapting to society and preserving their uniqueness, supporting their learning and growth.