My child loves the robots, especially because they know how to blush and their mouths glow when they speak. So cute.

My boy's social and speaking skills have improved a lot. Even when he has some behaviour issues, he is always willing to make immediate corrections after we remind him.

My child enjoys attending class and adores the robots. He also said that he should listen to the robot’s mother and eat robot meals (balanced diet). He is now in love with robots!

This program provides a variety of immersion situations for children so that they can learn hands-on how to handle them; after improving their communication skills, our kids got along with their classmates more cheerfully and harmoniously :)

After my child's fifth lesson, he suddenly built his own Lego robot at home and said to me, "Mommy, I will sing you a song!"

My kid always resisted taking showers, and each time he would yell, "I won't take a bath!" However, now, whenever I tell him to take a shower, he will go directly without complaining.

Miracle-Hands-To-Wisdom®.Pediatric Massage

I observe that my child's body is strengthened: faster recovery from a recent sickness and greater ease in calming down.

Improved sleep quality, stabler mood; improved comprehension skills, faster responses; clear utterance and complete sentences; reduced constipation.

My child's curiosity about exploring her surroundings has increased; when she encounter things that are of interest, she sometimes insists on completing them (such as painting, building Lego), and stays seated for 30 minutes.

The massage is a miracle. My formerly recalcitrant child has returned to life. He's optimistic about accepting future challenges!

After my kid participated in this project, he started speaking more confidently, and is more willing to greet his neighbours. He could even say three sentences in a row now.

My little girl has improved significantly, and she has taken on a more pleasant personality; her spleen and stomach were doing badly, but after the massage, she has a better appetite and her cognition has clearly improved.