RABI Services Plan (Funded)

Goal of Funded Services

For families that are currently receiving financial aid, includinng comprehensive assistance payments and student allowances.

STAR Funded RABI Service Plan Application Eligibility

For families that are currently receiving financial aid, including comprehensive assistance payments, Student Finance Office (SFO) - The School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme, Working Family Allowance (WFA) Scheme and Pilot Scheme on Living Allowance for Low-income Careers of Persons with Disabilities.
Please note that we will ask you to produce relevant documentation for verification.


  • The assessment fee includes two assessments before starting and after completing the course.
  • 每期課程可請假一次(不分事假或病假,超過此數量的話,恕未能提供補堂或退款);如請事假,需於最少三個工作天前致電通知;如請病假,須出示醫生証明,否則會示為缺席,不獲安排補堂或退款。
  • Due to the tight schedule of the course, parents are kindly requested to arrive on time or 5 minutes earlier. If you are late due to personal reasons, the treatment time will not be postponed.
  • 只適用於面授課堂:如因突發或不可預計的事件,中心課堂將會改為網上課堂教學,課堂費用的差額將不會退回。

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